One brilliant strategy would be to convince people that you’re not really there—that you don’t even exist. And the best way to do that would be to get them to believe that the only source of information that reveals who you are, along with your motives and methods, is little more than a collection of fables that have nothing to do with their lives.

We have seen exactly that. Starting several centuries ago, and prompted by the theories of men such as Charles Darwin—who came up with a way to explain creation without the Creator—many people began directly challenging the authority and inspiration of the Bible. They began to ridicule, as mere myth and superstition, the existence of a spirit world, long accepted without question by those who believed the Bible.

In the world’s leading universities skeptics challenged the validity and accuracy of the Bible, and materialist reasoning under the guise of science—rejecting anything that cannot be detected by the physical senses—became the order of the day. Generations of leaders were taught to discard anything that could not be measured by scientific methods.

Then came two world wars. Two successive generations saw their fathers, husbands and sons lost on bloody battlefields in far-flung corners of the world, with neither war resulting in a lasting peace. Civilian casualties, too, were appalling, with tens of millions of lives snuffed out. Numbed by such brutal mass destruction of lives and property, many lost their belief in God, thinking that an all-powerful Supreme Being would never allow such carnage and suffering.

Thus, in only a few generations, belief in an almighty, all-loving God and trust in the Bible as His revelation to mankind were shattered.

Many people do not believe in the devil at all, and many of those who do aren’t sure what they should believe, since so many religious teachings are confused and contradictory.

Most people are deeply sincere in their beliefs. But since the beliefs of so many professing Christians contradict the beliefs of other professing Christians, they cannot all be right. Many of them are sincere, but sincerely wrong. They, along with the rest of the world, have been deceived. So what are the implications to professing Christians of Satan’s deception and its resulting confusion?




Date: 25-01-2017 00:46:18
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